tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Home Sweet Hell (poem)

Living in this town is what I do: I live and breathe, I sing my song, eat my food and say my prayers.

Then sometimes...

It's like, you know...

How shall I put it? Maybe like this:

Home sweet hell: it’s time to wake,
another day has just begun.
It’s time to fight, fight the demons in my room:
ghouls and crows, monsters, orcs and more.

That’s how it is, yea verily:
I fight the demons in my mind.
So I fight, I slay, I kill ’em all
but more and more come rolling on
like neverending Hordes of Hell.

Then I think: get rythm, man!
My rythm is the way to win.
I’m still, I breathe, I dance along,
I dance along the blade’s edge.
I cut down demons, cut down orcs,
impaling monsters on my sword.

I clear the air from flying hellspawn;
breathing calmly, victory’s mine!
I took control, I’ve killed the demons,
have forced them all to move like me,
move it to the Svensson-rythm.
I’ve carried the day, won the battle –
but it all begins anew tomorrow...

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