söndag 20 mars 2011

Golden Age Ahead

I'm a flower of society,
a golden child -
come rule the golden age with me.

Are we on the brink of a golden age, a midsummer century? Yes, I believe that. The new age will begin soon. But it won't be so rosy and cosy to begin with.

There will be a heighetened energy level, a more intense spiritual feeling in the world. But since today most people are materialists and nihilists, this impulse will scare them and lead them to violence and all sorts of negative things. But in the end, after some years of fear, fatigue and hunger, the infidel will be driven to the altars and kneel before God, begging for mercy. Then the new age can come - but only then. You don't get anything for nothing.

The new age will come. We have already seen the birth pains begin: the Jasmine Revolution The Japanese earthquakes are part of the same syndrom. More indications will follow later this year, which is still only in its first quarter. Imagine e g what this years Hajj in Mekka will bring: millions of zealous muslims, amassed in a small space. It will be like Tahrir square 40 times over. Crowd psychology, anyone...?

I'd say: feel the change, feel it in the earth, the wind and the rain, just like Tolkien's Treebeard did. These are the times that try men's souls but stay cool and the victory is half won. The world might burn and civilization might go up in flames, but that's no matter as long as you don't let your mind catch fire.

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