lördag 21 april 2012

Changes Ahead

I'm an avid student of esoteric stuff, as you already know - see for example this post on conspiracies. And now the shit gets heavier, now we're about to see the greatest conspiracy of all time go down. If a certain Steve Beckow is to be believed.

He is a writer and a radio show host. He's very heavy in on the 2012 stuff, primarily that this year is said to bring ascension, an uplift from our current 3rd density to 4th and 5th. 3d is normal reality, 4d means moving with planet Earth to a lighter energy. Going into the astral body. Earth ascends and so do we.

This link leads to Beckow's start page. There are some further links on his site. The current top post (as of late April, 2012) is about Pleiadean visitings. But there's political stuff too, about conspiracies. Illuminati rule: this is to go down now says Beckow. It's about freeing man from the current banker, nihilist, materialist regime. Mass arrests or just one at the time? I dunno but something's brewing. And it's all done with Higher Realms helping us.

All this might sound far out. And it is. Anyhow, for information purposes you might find it interesting. Some more links on current esoterics, 2012-related:

. American Kabuki. Readable blog by an American residing in Japan. Ascension, arrests etc: here.

. American Free Press. Slightly hippyish but genuine, has some concrete stuff on bankers resignations, grass root revolution, channelings etc: here.

So, dear reader. News about the arrests, changes and new births haven't permeated into Main Stream Media yet. But I figure it will. 2012 will be a year of rumours and here I add my part to the rumour mill. Share and enjoy.

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  1. http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/oppt-media-press-release-of-2-4-13-the-public-trust-forecloses-on-major-corporations-including-banks/

    “This is the first official Press Release about the OPPT. Take it and run with it! Please send it to your local main stream media, college news papers, community papers, radio stations, TV stations… It’s time to let the world know!”

  2. Here's the link in clickable form. I've heard about the OPPT and I think it's interesting: a fund for All Things Good. I haven't myself applied for whatever OPPT can get me, but I'll publish the link.

    I'm the writer of this blog, Ersatz Moonlight. And as for the other blog, the blog that the link goes to, Kauilapele, I've read it and I like it. It vibes with me. It's always good with a blogger who has some personality and that particular Hawaiian guy has that. So with a bow to The Eternal Light, The Saviour and the Devas and the Positive Aliens, that's all for now.