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Top 5 Conspiracy Strategies

There are trends in the "fortean world" too, in the realm of mysteries and occult stuff. In the 19th centrury it was spiritism, then came the Atlantis craze, then we had UFO:s and now we have conspiracies. Verily: conspiracies nowadays seem to be the mainstay of occult lore, of the "weird stuff"-department. So what have I to add to this quagmire, to the wealth of information and desinformation that abounds on the internet? Well, I have this Top 5-list of some rules to remember if you're entering the conspiracy business by yourself. Enjoy.

1. "Action - Reaction - Solution"

David Icke for one calls this syndrom "Problem - Reaction - Solution". Name tags aside this is a central tactic for any secret society bent on controlling Big Politics. It can be illustrated by, e. g., America's top bankers creating financial chaos at the beginning of the century, (action) triggering a public demand to stop recurrence of these turmoils (reaction), resulting in the Federal Reserve System (solution). Or FDR moving the Pacific Fleet from California to Pearl Harbor (action), resulting in Japanese strike (reaction), to which America's entry into the war is the solution.

2. "Divide And Conquer"

That's as old as Noah. The Romans did it among their territorial enemies. And an Elite Group bent on destroying the social fabric in a country can for instance propagate unlimited immigration (we see it all over the westworld today), saying that it's good for Diversity and Humanity's Progress and that resisting it is Racist and Reactionary. When the country's social fabric, traditions and culture is destroyed and it's populated by nothing but media-drugged zombies and ghetto people, then that Elite Group can rule it like child's play.

3. "No Walk-Ins"

When, in your scheme of world-domination, you set up your forces of trusted lieutenants, hitmen, spies and whatnot to carry out the dirtier work, make sure you don't use volountary recruits. No, you've got to have some hold on them, something that makes it impossible for them to defect. Recruits that have heard about your operation and just walk in and want to participate are useless. They tend to have their own will, tending to leave when they don't get a kick from participating anymore. Every secret service in the world knows this. Recruited agents (not rank-and-file agents but agents recruited in foreign countries) must know that if they leave their future will be destroyed by incriminating photos or whatever: that's "having a hold on them".

4. "Sugar-Coating The Message"

Dirty work aside, you could also need a front organisation for your cause. And recruting people to that one is a bit different. Here you shall stress charity and spiritual values and stage hearty gatherings etc. Ask any token Freemason and he says that his organization is all about that. That the higher levels of your secret society is all about Power and Money is only known to the higher initiates. (Related to all this is the phenomenon of "useful idiots", i. e. employing unsuspecting people to promote your goals - like having journalists to "celebrate diversity" as a means to Divide And Conquer, see point 2.)

5. "Two Minds"

Don't bother being so rectilinear and transparent in your society's creed, so clear-cut and rational. Mix old magic and esoteric wisdom with modern techniques, like mind control and propaganda blended with UFO:s and yoga. As for UFO:s: don't get over your head if aliens contact you, no, use it...! Use alien technologies and participation in your scheme for world domination. So don't get upset if the existence of aliens rocks your "rational world view": you have to believe the unbelievable if you are to stay your time in the conspiracy business.

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