söndag 5 juni 2011

A Battle For Realities

You can't shut yourself off from society these days. Everything is political. Or let's say: everything today is esoterical, both personal moral and official politics. That could mean: You have to have an ONTOLOGY on which to base A MORAL, and the ontology of today is widely debated. What is real? Some say that the USA, fighting imperialistic wars for our freedom is what's real. I highly contest that. So what's real? I'm real, art is real, what I feel and intuitively envision is real. The everyday world isn't as real as that. It's got a lower degree of reality. The Universe is Mind. But the NWO don't like spiritual world views like that. They want everybody to be afraid, bent on saving their material beings. -- Here's a take on some of these subjects.
Dawn of Man
We're engaged in a Battle for Realities. The topics of 2011 is all about a description of the world. So what's real? How did the history of Man begin? -- A way of putting it is this:

In olden times Earth was visited by aliens. Just let's say it did. Read Zecharia Sitchin, read Genesis 6:4. - And so, did these alien geezers create the human race? I for one don't think so but they propbably had a hand in raising us to a higher level, educating us. So let's say that in Sumerian times we had humans around which then were raised in their development by one of these godlike aliens. We can call him Ea. He's not central to this article but I like to have one or other fathomable character in the narrative, otherwise it gets kind of abstract and vague. So this Ea, what did he want? He wanted to enlighten primitive man by telling them that each individual essentially was a spirit inhabiting the material body. After the physical death the spirit lives on, pauses in heaven for debrief and is reincarnated on Earth.

Then what? This fine god Ea got ousted by some of his fellow beings. These started to enslave man. There was this, as David Icke calls then, "Brotherhood of the Snake" who started to manipulate the masses with religion, fear and hatred. There were elements of truth in their techings but the overall message was one to ensure enslavement and obedience to the Brotherhood. In time this Brotherhood split and the factions started to fight each other in the names of different creeds and religions. So by this we see that everything isn't peaceful in the Black World; in the realm of secret societies there are conspiracies and infighting as well. Religious Wars
As for the religions they partly helped people live better lives, partly enslaved people. In the latter case it was due to stereotyping and simplifying the message, making people feel guilty for themselves and hatred towards "infidels". Wars were fought over religious issues. At the same time the power of the Brotherhood grew and consolidated itself into Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Knight Templars and so on. Their teachings on spirituality, like that the Universe is Mind and that microcosm man mirrors the macrocosmic universe were true in themselves. The creed of the secret societies is twisted and weird but it's also got some strands of truth.

So we can say: both religion and secret societies have their pros and cons. As for pros the teachings of the Bible e g helps men to be pious, to save spiritual energy by abiding on a higher power. And some secret societies taught esoteric doctrines bent on developing man as a spiritual being. As for the cons we had organized religion with its herd mentality and secret societies worshipping false deities, tending to weird and dark practisies. Spiritual Powers

The secret clubs got some things right in their spiritual quests. But mostly they seem to have worshipped false deities. And all the time they acquired wealth which they had to invest and thus grew their financial power. Parallell to that the high echelon leaders of the societies were men of the state and did what such people do, i e play "the great game" of world politics. Thus, without necessarily being evil on all levels, the secret societies became political machines, bent on preserving and increasing their spiritual, political and economic power.

"Spiritual power" should here be interpreted as propaganda, religious dogmas of obedience and fear. There might still today be some, say, Freemason or Rosicrucian who divests his time to studies of gnostic manuscripts, syncretism and esoteric practices, and I say: good. I have esoteric leanings myself. But there is no need for a secret society for these things anymore. In the 17th century texts like The Gospel of Thomas, the Upanishads and the Apocryphs were rare and sometimes suspect books, forbidden to own and read. Such is not the case anymore. There are no spiritual secrets around anymore. Everything, but everything is published either on the net or in paper form, even the jelously garded ritualts of the societies themselves. And True Christianity has itself ceased the need for secret societies with initiations and all that stuff. By receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as our saviour we are all initiated into the Secret of Eternal Life and Redemption. This according to Rudolf Steiner. Make a Metaphysical Stand
So I don't give much for secret societies, not even the spiritual side of them. They might have been progressive force in the time of an almighty church and the religious ortodoxy of olden times. But the church is today only an institution among many. Ironically organized religion today seems to be involved in many secret societies by way of its leaders. So there goes religion too. We have to be privately practising adepts. That's at least what I've been doing all my spiritual life. Since birth I've belonged to the Swedish State Church, true, and I intend to stay there even though it's a bit outmoded to have this old school religion. But since those who leave the State Church are mostly snug atheists, intent on saving 1000 SKR per year by not paying church tax, I'd rather stay among the faithful.

So how shall I end this? Well, esoterics is the way. You have to have a metaphysical creed. Even if you think you don't have you do. E.g, by adhering to MSM:s stories of how paper money is the best thing around (and precious metals are in a speculation bubble), stories of how the USA fights for freedom and democracy and hints that injection with a microchip to open doors and pay supermarket tickets is a convenient technique, well then you adhere to "a certain creed". You BELIEVE what the MSM and the politicians say. Then, if you're a radical and sceptic you don't believe these things. Then again, if you totally reject this world as real then you have another world view, one that - and here's my point - can be controversial in itself. David Icke for one plays a bit along these lines: NWO want's us to be materialistic, to say that the everyday world is all that counts. To believe in a transcendental reality is atavistic and dangerous, because then we can't be ruled by fear.

I for one have no problem in uniting my radical world view, my critique of MSM:s narratives with an esoteric outlook. The Universe is Mind. To believe that the everyday reality is the only reality is to enslave yourself, making yourself into an easily led critter of the NWO. I've unplugged my TV in favour of spiritual books and meditation. I'm me, I'm free - as free as you can get in this world.
Pic Härnösand Station, photographed some weeks earlier this year. Since then we've gotten green leaves and all.

söndag 29 maj 2011

Top 5 Conspiracy Strategies

There are trends in the "fortean world" too, in the realm of mysteries and occult stuff. In the 19th centrury it was spiritism, then came the Atlantis craze, then we had UFO:s and now we have conspiracies. Verily: conspiracies nowadays seem to be the mainstay of occult lore, of the "weird stuff"-department. So what have I to add to this quagmire, to the wealth of information and desinformation that abounds on the internet? Well, I have this Top 5-list of some rules to remember if you're entering the conspiracy business by yourself. Enjoy.

1. "Action - Reaction - Solution"

David Icke for one calls this syndrom "Problem - Reaction - Solution". Name tags aside this is a central tactic for any secret society bent on controlling Big Politics. It can be illustrated by, e. g., America's top bankers creating financial chaos at the beginning of the century, (action) triggering a public demand to stop recurrence of these turmoils (reaction), resulting in the Federal Reserve System (solution). Or FDR moving the Pacific Fleet from California to Pearl Harbor (action), resulting in Japanese strike (reaction), to which America's entry into the war is the solution.

2. "Divide And Conquer"

That's as old as Noah. The Romans did it among their territorial enemies. And an Elite Group bent on destroying the social fabric in a country can for instance propagate unlimited immigration (we see it all over the westworld today), saying that it's good for Diversity and Humanity's Progress and that resisting it is Racist and Reactionary. When the country's social fabric, traditions and culture is destroyed and it's populated by nothing but media-drugged zombies and ghetto people, then that Elite Group can rule it like child's play.

3. "No Walk-Ins"

When, in your scheme of world-domination, you set up your forces of trusted lieutenants, hitmen, spies and whatnot to carry out the dirtier work, make sure you don't use volountary recruits. No, you've got to have some hold on them, something that makes it impossible for them to defect. Recruits that have heard about your operation and just walk in and want to participate are useless. They tend to have their own will, tending to leave when they don't get a kick from participating anymore. Every secret service in the world knows this. Recruited agents (not rank-and-file agents but agents recruited in foreign countries) must know that if they leave their future will be destroyed by incriminating photos or whatever: that's "having a hold on them".

4. "Sugar-Coating The Message"

Dirty work aside, you could also need a front organisation for your cause. And recruting people to that one is a bit different. Here you shall stress charity and spiritual values and stage hearty gatherings etc. Ask any token Freemason and he says that his organization is all about that. That the higher levels of your secret society is all about Power and Money is only known to the higher initiates. (Related to all this is the phenomenon of "useful idiots", i. e. employing unsuspecting people to promote your goals - like having journalists to "celebrate diversity" as a means to Divide And Conquer, see point 2.)

5. "Two Minds"

Don't bother being so rectilinear and transparent in your society's creed, so clear-cut and rational. Mix old magic and esoteric wisdom with modern techniques, like mind control and propaganda blended with UFO:s and yoga. As for UFO:s: don't get over your head if aliens contact you, no, use it...! Use alien technologies and participation in your scheme for world domination. So don't get upset if the existence of aliens rocks your "rational world view": you have to believe the unbelievable if you are to stay your time in the conspiracy business.

Pic Corgi Toys Unimog Truck

torsdag 2 december 2010

The Northlandic Strain

Sweden is divided into three parts: Götaland in the south, Svealand in the middle and Norrland in the north.

As for myself I live in Norrland. I live in the county of Angermanland by the Bothnian Sea. And some 40 years ago I was born in the county of Lapland, situated inland and to the north-west of Angermanland.

Both Lapland and Angermanland are northern provinces. They are both part of NORRLAND. Now this Norrland is a mythical part of Sweden just like Scotland of the Bristish Isles or, say, Texas or some other rough-hewn part of the U. S.

I'm a Northlander. "En norrlänning" as we say. And many Swedes from Göta- and Svealand wish they were Northlanders. They envy us our Biblical erudition, a classic trait here: archaic tales of Northland farmers citing the Bible ever and anon, that's a fine heritage of ours.

Example of Svealand people wishing they were Northlanders are the poet Gunnar Ekelöf and the sculptor Anders Åberg. The former wrote some poems about the log cabins, the rosy hue of the winter evenings and the waves beating the shores of the Laplandic lakes. The latter, Anders Åberg, was born in Stockholm but moved to Angermanland some years ago, starting a cultural theme park called MANNAMINNE. It's got old buildings, a tramway, a museum etc. It's a life-size piece of art, mirroring the wooden objets d'art of a more manageable size that made him famous in the first place. One of these are to be seen at Arlanda Domestic Airport ("Inrikes"), showcasing the nearby town of Sigtuna in a pillar of wooden houses.

Anyhoo: Mr. Åberg fell in love with Norrland and then moved here, and now he's a local hero. Mannaminne is a focal point for culture and goodtime, for "believing in your heritage" and all that, a fine mix of traditionalism and modernism, built log by log by Mr. Åberg himself. I must go and visit that Mannaminne some time. Website here.

So how shall I conclude this? Well, as an illustration of my Northlandic strain I might give you a poem about my Laplandic creed, called "My voyage". It's got some references to Carlos Castaneda, a great traditionalist in his own right.

My voyage began in the heart of Lapland
among drumming noids and yoiking saamis.

I danced to the rythm, sang to the northern light,
praised my creator and began my journey.

I lived among the flowers and the trees,
I read about gurus past and present,
and skimming the shelves of fantastic libraries
I found the Book of Books.

It was about a man in the moon
who flew with crows, talked
with lizards and danced with Zacateca.

He jumped into an abyss, listened
to the flowers and talked with
a coyote. He was human.

The voyage continues. In the misty Andees
there is a beverage called "the black gold";
I have drunken it - and I have seen the promised land...

I'm just a human - I'm just a human -
I'm just a human - I'm just a human being...

Every day I brew some of that fluent gold
on my Brewmatic, and dream of condors
and eagles, silver crows, and giant butterflies
with golden dust on their wings.

My collection of Castaneda books dwells safely
on my shelf. The Laplandic sceneries of my youth
is always with me. The black gold is still worth seeking.

The voyage continues...

torsdag 11 november 2010


It's November and here in Sweden the snow has arrived. I must say, I like it. It's kind of cosy, never mind the cold and the wind.

Winter's here but in my heart it's spring. Funny feeling but it's true.

So, what's more on my mind today? Maybe I should publish some deathless fiction, some enchanting story by my hand? I have forsooth a lot of juicy stuff on the harddrive. But, then again, I've already published some great work already. Like earlier this year, I had a piece in Morpheus Tales. So why don't I link to that one instad? Yeah, that I'll do. So here it is, a post on my Swedish blog, however with the exact same text that was printed in Morpheus Tales' paper edition. Enjoy.

Other than that, I've added a gadget for "most read entries" on this blog. See the right margin. And it gladdens me that my short story "A 14th Century Tale" is in the lead. I think it has got something to do with linking it to a comment of mine at Alternative Right, but hey, you never know. Maybe people google the net for "14th century tales" and voilà, there's my story and they rush to read it. Who knows. This blog has some readers though, that's for sure, without my really trying to push it, advertise and proclaim its uniqueness all over the net.

tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Home Sweet Hell (poem)

Living in this town is what I do: I live and breathe, I sing my song, eat my food and say my prayers.

Then sometimes...

It's like, you know...

How shall I put it? Maybe like this:

Home sweet hell: it’s time to wake,
another day has just begun.
It’s time to fight, fight the demons in my room:
ghouls and crows, monsters, orcs and more.

That’s how it is, yea verily:
I fight the demons in my mind.
So I fight, I slay, I kill ’em all
but more and more come rolling on
like neverending Hordes of Hell.

Then I think: get rythm, man!
My rythm is the way to win.
I’m still, I breathe, I dance along,
I dance along the blade’s edge.
I cut down demons, cut down orcs,
impaling monsters on my sword.

I clear the air from flying hellspawn;
breathing calmly, victory’s mine!
I took control, I’ve killed the demons,
have forced them all to move like me,
move it to the Svensson-rythm.
I’ve carried the day, won the battle –
but it all begins anew tomorrow...